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Experience Counts!

Artistic Tree Care provides a host of professional tree management services for home and business, and has serviced the Houston-area for more than a decade.

Dangerous Removals

Our company is experienced and safety conscious when it comes to removing trees in precarious situations, and we will take every necessary step to protect your property. Each tree removal job is carefully planned ahead of time, so leave the worrying to us!

Stump Grinding

Got stumps? Grinding is the most cost-effective way to remove existing stumps while minimizing damage to your property. Artistic Tree Care's modern stump grinding equipment is light, maneuverable, fast and non-intrusive, and will leave no traces behind.

Fine Pruning

Artistic Tree Care specializes in pruning for aesthetics, weight reduction, crown cleaning, vista pruning and building clearance. Our certified Arborists and technicians utilize the best pruning practices when caring for all tree species.

You have a big job
- We have the tools

Have a landscape project? Artistic Tree Care offers professional Skid-Steer Loader services ranging from small excavations, to grading, drainage, trenching and more.

Specializing in fine pruning

It’s always the right time to make sure your trees are pruned and redirected for safety, or that dead or dying trees are removed to avoid problems further down the road.

Let’s keep Houston beautiful one tree at a time. Set up an assessment of your property today!

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